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Making a Referral

Outpatient/Specialized Services:

Referrals to CPRI’s outpatient services are made directly to the intake office. Referrals are reviewed from any source including parents, physicians, schools, or social service agencies with a supporting letter of referral from a physician.

CPRI’s intake department handles referrals for outpatient services for 17 Counties. Brant, Hamilton, Haldimand-Norfolk, Kent, Niagara and Essex referrals are processed through their single point of access agencies.

Referrals for outpatient services are accepted for children and youth up to the date of their 18th birthday.

A consent to the Disclosure, Transmittal or Examination of a Clinical Record (Consent Form) is required for CPRI to obtain information from an agency, physician, paediatrician, school, etc involved with your child/youth’s care. An original signature, witness and date are required on each consent form for CPRI to obtain information. This form must also identify the name of the agency, physician, school board etc. involved in your child/youth’s care.

If you are making a referral to CPRI and require the consent form, you can access it by clicking here.

To contact the Intake Office call (519) 858-2774 ext 2024.

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